To create a Quiz,

  1. Start off by creating each question that should go into the quiz:
  • Press + Create Poll (look at the left-hand side of your screen).
  • Insert the question and response options.
  • Press Save & New Poll (right-lower corner of the screen)
  • Your poll will be saved and you will be able to create the second question.
  • Repeat unless done.

2. Go to the All Polls section and reorder the polls as needed.

3. Click on the 3-dots menu and choose Edit Poll.

4. Go to Advanced Options,

  • Scroll down to Poll Linking
  • Press Link Poll
  • Choose Poll Forwarding, then Poll Forwarding if you need to link polls in a simple way.
  • Choose Poll Forwarding, then External Linking if you need to link the poll to an external URL.
  • Choose Option Forwarding, then link polls to each response option if you need to add logic to your linked polls.
  • Press Save Linking.
  • Press Save Poll.

5. Go to the All Polls section and activate the first poll of the quiz.

6. To enter or test the quiz, go to and enter your event code*.

*Event code can be found in your account, right under your name.

Once ready, copy-paste the link to the quiz and send it to your participants.


Share with them the webpage URL ( and your event code.

Keep the first poll active throughout the quiz duration. Turn it off once done and the link will not show the survey afterward.

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