Now you can easily add polls to your PowerPoint slides with the Swift Polling Add-in.

The plug-in works best with PowerPoint 2013+, 2016+, 2016 for Mac, and Online versions. 

To get the Swift Polling PPT Add-in follow the next steps: 

  • Go to your PowerPoint slides and create an empty slide that should contain the polls.

  • Go to the PowerPoint Store labeled "Get Add-ins" and type Swift Polling in the search field.

  • Add the Swift Polling plug-in.  

  • Log in to your Swift Polling account within your slide.

  • Choose the first poll to show and add it to your slide by pressing Add.

  • Switch between the polls without leaving your slide.

  • Show the voting instructions without leaving your slide. 

  • If you need to do your polls with intervals, then add your polls to distinct slides.

  • Start and Stop your polls within your slides. 

  • Alternatively, you can Start and Stop polls from a second device for a better experience. 

There you have it!


Once you are done with polling, do the following to advance your slideshow. Use your cursor to click on the darker area above or below your slide while you are in the SlideShow mode. This will take you to the next slide.

If you have further questions, contact us through our live chat.

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