Monthly plans (billed annually) are available in Swift Polling! They work best if you plan to use the product for more than 1 month.

When you purchase a monthly plan, there are three specific things that happen:

  1. All monthly plans are billed annually - you pay for the entire year ahead - and the price is much lower than what would otherwise be paid using one-time packages:
    Savings of 60-70% percent
  2. You get all the responses upfront - for any monthly package the responses your account receives are 12*(monthly responses) - all added at once after the payment
  3. The expiration of your package is set to 1 year from the moment of purchase
  4. The monthly plans renew every year unless requested to cancel.

For example, if you purchase the Monthly Pro package, you are expected to pay $420 and get 18000 responses valid for 1 year. 

Check out all our plans on the pricing page

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