Swift provides a few types of plans:

  • One-time (30 days use) - SMS included

  • Annual* (1 year) - SMS included

*Annual plans work best if you plan to use the product for more than 30 days.

  • Educational plans (billed annually) - SMS included

When you purchase an annual plan, there are four specific things that happen:

  1. These are billed annually - you pay for the entire year ahead - and the price is much lower than what would otherwise be paid using one-time packages:
    Savings of 60-70% percent.

  2. You get all the responses up-front - for an annual package, the responses your account receives are 12*(monthly responses) - all added at once after the payment.

  3. The expiration of your package is set to 1 year from the moment of purchase.

  4. The monthly plans renew every year unless requested a cancellation.

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