With Swift Polling you can create:

  • Polls
  • Open ended questions
  • Word clouds


WEB polls allow your audience to access a web polling widget by visiting swiftpolling.com and typing your event code. They will then see the question and the options, and will be able to vote by tapping on one of the options. After voting, the user will be shown the poll results updated in real-time.

An example of an SMS vote

An example of a WEB widget

You can also create surveys with Swift Polling. It is very easy, learn how here.

Open ended questions

Open ended questions allow to collect feedback, questions, suggestions and many other use cases. Open ended questions are also used for competitions, nominations etc.

An open ended question does not have pre-defined options, and the audience can send whatever they want in a text message or on the web. 

To respond, they simply need to send a text to your account's phone number, or respond on the web by typing the event code on swiftpolling.com. 

The presenter will see all of the responses in a list in their account, as well as on the presentation mode. There are two ways to present open ended question results - wall and single.

Wall display is the default view and shows all the responses next to each other in small boxes. 

Single display shows the responses one by one.

You can switch between wall and single modes from the settings sidebar.

Word clouds

Word clouds are a display variation of the open ended. The difference is how the responses are shown. In this case the responses are shown in a "word cloud" view, and the repetitive responses are shown larger to indicate their relative popularity among the audience.

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