Depending on the type of question, the limit of how many times can someone respond are different. 


The default setting for polls is "1 response per device". This means that from one phone number only one vote will be accepted, and one vote will be accepted on the web too.

Important: when this limitation is enabled, one person can still vote once via sms and once on the web, because there is no way of tracking the same person across voting channels and identifying if that person has already voted through a one of the mediums.

The following limitation options are available for polls:

  • One vote per device allowed
  • Unlimited votes per device allowed
  • Custom number of votes per device allowed

Open ended and word clouds

For these two types of questions anyone can respond unlimited number of times on each of the channels (sms and web). 

You can change the vote limit setting when creating or editing a poll as shown below

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