The Presentation Mode is a location inside your account designed to show the voting instructions and the poll results. The Presentation Mode also contains some presentation and poll controls, such as

  1. Show full-screen instructions (hides the poll results)
  2. Go full-screen (hides browser UI and lets the presentation mode cover the entire screen)
  3. Question control and navigation - start / stop your poll, switch to other questions with "Next" and "Previous" buttons
  4. Sidebar - opens the sidebar with more useful tools

5. Dark mode switcher - enable or disable the dark mode depending on the lighting conditions of your venue / room (where the presentation takes place)

6. Instructions mode - displays full-screen detailed instructions on how to vote for each of the options

7. Chart type and chart colors
For chart type the following options are available 

  • Bars
  • Columns
  • Pie

For color theme the following options are available

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Colorful

8. Go full-screen

9. Edit poll - takes directly to poll editing screen of your account

10. Takes to the poll creation screen

11. Upload your logo - the uploaded logo will replace the "Swift" logo in the bottom right corner

12. Reset Poll Votes - resets the poll results, this action can not be rolled back. 

There is one Presentation Mode page for each of the polls you create.

There are additional settings for open ended and word cloud questions types:

Open ended

Open ended question display options

  • single
  • wall
  • starred
  • all
  • color options

If the URL of the Presentation Mode is accessed with a browser where you are not logged in to your account, the poll results won't be shown.

You can also embed the Presentation Mode on your website or in a PowerPoint presentation.

Read more on how to insert your poll results in a PowerPoint presentation here.

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