A response is any text message or web submission that your Swift account receives from your audience.
You have 30 days for one-time plans and 12 months for monthly plans to use these responses. So you can split them across multiple events or just one, because there is no limitation on the number of questions you create.

We wanted to simplify the process and instead of creating plans that would depend on the size of your audience we have plans that depend on how many responses you would expect in general. This way if you plan to ask fewer questions you can have a much larger audience at a much lower price.

Here is how to calculate the right plan for you:

1. Estimate how many people are attending your event.

2. Estimate how many questions you will be asking.

3. Multiply the number of questions by the size of your anticipated audience.

For example, we are hosting an all hands meetings at our nonprofit with 100 people attending and we plan to ask 10 questions.

1. Number of attendees: 100

2. Number of questions: 10

3. 10X100= 1000 --> Presentation Plan

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