The following moderation will be available for you once you create an open-ended question:

  1. Enable Profanity filter to deal with trouble makers in the audience

2. Enable Anonymous feature to provide a fully transparent experience to your audience. This will hide phone numbers and user IDs of respondents.

3. Archive questions if you no longer need to display them but want to keep them in your database.

4. Delete comments and questions as needed.

5. You can Approve comments and questions before they go live on the Present page. For that:

5.1 Go to the Settings of your Presentation page.

5.2 Choose Approved filter in the Which response to show section.

5.3 Go to your dashboard and Approve the comments and questions that need to go live.

Note: If you switch the presentation mode setting back to All, all the responses will show up on the screen including the ones you had Approved.

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