If you don't know which is the best plan for your event, use the Plan Calculator. You will answer 3 simple questions and the Calculator will recommend the best plan.

Swift Polling offers a variety of plans suitable for different use cases and environments.

  • One-time plans
  • Monthly plans
  • Educational plans

One-time plans

One-time plans are best for one-off usage, such as a single meeting, competition or a contest, a conference and similar.

All one-time plans are valid for 30 days. That means that in 30 days since purchase 2 things happen:

  1. Any extra responses that were not used will be cancelled
  2. The phone number of the account will be released and the text feature will be disabled

To prevent this from happening please make sure to upgrade before the expiration date of the plan, which can be found in the Billing section.

Monthly plans

For all monthly plans in Swift Polling users are billed annually (once a year for an entire year ahead, including at the time of purchase).
When you purchase a monthly plan, an immediate payment for an entire year is required. As a result, your account will receive the total amount of responses for the entire billing period (year) ahead.

This information is also displayed as a summary before proceeding to the payment during registration.

For example, if you sign up for the Basic Monthly plan, which costs $7 per month and offers 300 responses per month, the payment will be $84 in total at the beginning of the year, and your account will receive 3600 responses at once. 

Note: monthly plans renew automatically every 12 month from the moment of signing up. You can cancel renewal from the Billing section of your account using the "Cancel Subscription" button, as shown below

If you cancel renewal (click "Cancel Subscription" as shown above), at the end of the billing period your card on file won't be charged, and exactly the same will happen as when a one-time plan expires - the extra responses will be cancelled and the phone number will be released. 

Educational plans

Educational plans work exactly as monthly plans. At this time Swift does not offer one-time plans for educational institutions. All educational plans are monthly, with payment made for an entire year at the start of it, and responses granted all at once for 12 months.

Note: Swift Polling does not offer any discounts on monthly and educational plans. 

In order to understand which plan suits you best, you need to estimate your response usage - two things are needed

1. The size of your audience

2. The number of questions you plan to ask

For example, if you plan to ask two questions an audience of 20 people, that means each of them will vote twice, so the total amount of responses needed for your event is at least 40 (2*20).

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